Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel


Q: How does the payment work?

A: Each semester (at the beginning) you have to pay the semester fee for our assembly Rommelwood e. V. . Please transfer the amount to our account. All information can be found on your account page. Please use exactly the given transfer purpose, because otherwise we can’t assign the transfer to your account. Please pay exactly the given amount. Don’t split the amount on several payments and don’t transfer the money for multiple persons with one payment. The assemply fee will automatically unlock your internet for the semester. If you can’t pay using bank transfer, you can also pay with cash. Please drop us a mail therefore:

Q: My network doesn’t work! What should I do?

A: Did you change something on your system? If so, it can help to redo the steps from our manual. A good many times just a few settings or the hardware have changed and have to be reset.

Is it plugged in? We have seen this far too often.

Q: My “Internet” is slow! For what reason?

A: Most likely you have used to much of your traffic.
You can see your traffic usage for the current day at the bottom of this site in the footer or on our account page.
If there is a number lower 0 MiB it’s generally bad.
Our system throttles your speed if your traffic-balance falls underneath 0 MiB.

Q: My “Internet” is slow but I have a positive traffic-balance! What next?

A: Ask your neighbors if they have the same problem: If they do the evil admins might just be working on the servers.
Because we normally do this for a  reason we have to ask you to be patient.
You can find status updates on our status page:
If your neighbors do not have issues with their speed the reason for your problem is most likely found within your own system. Don’t panic: You don’t have to spend a fortune on a professional repair.
Give it a try and purge our system and run a virus-scan. Several million browser-plugins won’t help either ;).

If all else fails you are allowed to contact the Networkdudes via email.

Q: How does the traffic-balance work?

Actually it is quite simple: Every day at midnight you get 20 GiB credit up to 200 GiB.
Any traffic you cause will be subtracted from your traffic-balance.
If your traffic-balance falls underneath 0 MiB your Ethernet-connection will be throttled to 1 Mbit/s, if your traffic-balance is really low (-500 MiB) your connection will be even slower (0.5 Mbit/s).
This should be fast enough for doing important things in the internet.
But it won’t be joyful to watch videos etc.

Q: Why do you throttle at all? That is inhuman!

A: We are connected to RRZE. They are connected to the “Deutsche Forschungsnetz” a communications network for Science and research in Germany. The DFN connects german universities, in order to make research and teaching possible. We as student dormitory are allowed to take part for research and studying puroses. But private traffic to the internet is not what to DFN is intended for. Thus we don’t account traffic to the university. But we have to minimize the other traffic.

Q: But other dormitories don’t throttle! In dormitory XY they get much more traffic per day!

A: In some dormitories you have to pay much more per semester because they have an own private connection to the internet. Right now we haven’t had a chance to do the same. Apart from this we know student network teams all around Germany and many of them do the same as we do and have similar limits as we have.

Q: Can I get “more Internet” somehow?

A: No! We only have one Internet! If you want to know if you could get an upgrade on your traffic-balance: No!

Of course we won’t forbid you to get an extra contract with a private Provider. But it will be a lot more expensive and slower. We can only suggest to do that if you need a massive amount of traffic (movieflatrates, SkyGo, ESPN, etc.)

Q: Are 20 GiB per day enough and why can’t I get more traffic?

A: You might already have noticed that our Internet-connection is quite fast and very cheap. In order to be able to provide this service we have to enforce rules. The reason why we limit your traffic-usage is simple: we want to keep the costs down and the comfort and speed high for everyone. 20 GiB per day are far enough for normal surfing, video-streaming, Skype-calls and gaming. Normally you shouldn’t even need half of your credit. Don’t worry!

If you need a reasonable but large download (Windows, software, etc.) we might give you some more traffic. But we definitely don’t want anyone to use our network for illegal downloads and the same. Of course we are not responsible for whatever you are doing with your own connection and won’t check it. In exaggerated terms: We are not willing to work our balls of on a voluntary basis to provide somebody with the possibility to set up a filesharing-network. If you can afford the expensive access to one of the legal download-platforms you will be able to pay for a Internet-connection from the Telekom too.
Widerstand ist zwecklos!

Q: Can I use several computers simultaneously?

A: Yes! All you need is a switch! Using a switch you can use several computers with only one connection.

Q: Can I get WiFi in my room?

A: Yes! All you need is a router! You can use a router to provide a WiFi-network. To do so follow these instructions !

Normal users shall be patient . We did already set up some Wi-Fi-hotspots for the inhabitants. At the moment the wired connection works much better! If you want to give it a try anyway, search for the “Rommelwood”-network and connect to it using your logindetails (same as for the rommelwood-homepage and your wired connection). If you can’t find it you are unfortunately to far away from the next hotspot.

Q: How can I watch TV in my room? Which device do I need?

A: You don’t need any additional device and it’s super easy. We generously provide you with a network-TV-stream, you can watch on your computer. This stream won’t cause any traffic and your traffic-balance will not be affected. A manual can be found here

Q: Which mailing address is provided for me?

A: Each registered user has 2 email addresses:

Further information can be found here

Q: Who can I ask if I still have a question?

A: The best thing to do is to send a email to , if you are able to read this you should be able to send mails too.