Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel


(10.12.6 Sierra or higher)

The preferred method (more secure): Install Configuration Profile (for LAN and rommelwood Wi-Fi)

1. Download and open this profile
You can inspect the profile by clicking on "Show Profile". There should be definitely a verified label.

2. Continue and enter your rommel credentials

3. Click Install and provide you system credentials

4. Configuration is now installed
(Check if the profile is verified. (Otherwise remove it!)

5. Now you can plug in the network wire or you can connect to our WLAN

After some seconds you should be connected to our network

Alternative (less secure): Without profile (only LAN and no rommelwood Wi-Fi)

Prerequirement: As you changed your password you did not uncheck the box saying "generate NT-hash". Without profile we use MSCHAPv2 which needs the NT-hash. If you unchecked the box while changing your password, you have to change your password again und this time don't uncheck the "generate NT-hash" box.

1. Plug in the LAN Cable

2. After a few seconds a windows pops up automatically

3. Choose a certificate und enter your rommelwood credentials. Press OK

4. Now there is a window showing you the radius server's certificate . Press Countinue

5. Enter your macOS user password (NOT the rommelwood credentials)

6. Done

Has something failed? Talk to our user advisors or send a mail to