Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel

Windows 7

Windows 7 is end of life. You won't receive security updates. You should use Windows 10 or a free operating system like Linux. You can receive free Windows licenses using the supporting program of the University.

Automatic configuration

  1. Download this ZIP archive (sha256 checksum: 7a365024bd6f28f463a1054d46c92dff168f40e3bfa341570d80cd878a8fa0b7)
  2. Extract the zip archive with a right click and “extract all”.
  3. Important: The script has to be located in a folder named rommelwood-network-setup. If it is named rommelwood-network-setup(1) or similar please rename the folder to \rommelwood-network-setup.
  4. Execute rommelwood-network-setup.bat with administrative privileges. (right-click -> Execute as Administrator)
  5. Read the given hints and accept them by pressing any key
  6. Enter your rommel useracount data (if you never connected to our network)
  7. Success :-)

Insert credentials:

If the automated configuration didn't work, you can just follow the manual instructions.

Manual installation:

Step 1:

1. Click on start and enter "services.msc". Press enter!

2. Search for "Wired AutoConfig" and then right-click on "Properties".

3. Set "Startup type" to "Autommatic" and click on "Start"!

4. Click "OK" in order to close the window.


Step 2:

1. Click on Start and enter "View network connections".

2. Right-click on your network card (NOT WIFI! NOT 1394! NOT VMWARE!) and click on "Properties"!

3. Open "Authentication"! Select "Settings".

4. Active the Certificate "DST Root CA X3"and click on "Configure..."!

5. REMOVE the tag! Close the window with "OK".

6. Close the window with "OK"!

7. Click on "Additional Settings"!

(For Windows Vista Users: Steps 7, 8 and 9 not possible/can be skipped.)

8. Set everything like in the picture below:

9. Close with "OK".

10. Now you should get a notification, that windows needs your username and password. Click on it! If you can not see this message, try to dis- and enable your network card. Also try to plugin your network cable once again. A restart of your windows can help, too.

11. Enter your username and password! Now the internet should work.


Step 3:

Everything should work now until you reinstall your windows. If it does not work, please check the settings you just did. Then you can contact a network administrator.