Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel

Windows deactivate authentication

For Windows computers configured with our tool, the connection and network detection should continue to work.

If you get connection errors despite this or after configuring the authentication differently, the reason may be that Windows does not automatically disable 802.1X authentication.

How to disable it manually:

1. In Windows search, type “Settings” and open it. Click on the Network and Internet page.

2. Under the tab “Status -> Advanced Network Settings” click on “Change Adapter Options”.

3. Important: now select the adapter on which the connection is set up . Right click on the adapter and then “Properties -> Authentication”. (In most cases it’s the adapter with the lowest number)

  1. Uncheck “Enable 802.1X authentication”. Then press “OK” and then disconnect the cabling and reconnect. This disables 802.1X.

It should work now. If you still can’t connect, check again that the check mark is really removed. If all this doesn’t help, see a user consultant or come to our office hours!