Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel


Q: My network doesn’t work! What should I do?

A: Did you change something on your system? If so, it can help to redo the steps from our manual. A good many times just a few settings or the hardware have changed and have to be reset.

Is it plugged in? We have seen this far too often.

Q: Can I use several computers simultaneously?

A: Yes! All you need is a switch! Using a switch you can use several computers with only one connection.

Q: How can I watch TV in my room? Which device do I need?

A: You don’t need any additional device and it’s super easy. We generously provide you with a network-TV-stream, you can watch on your computer. This stream won’t cause any traffic and your traffic-balance will not be affected. A manual can be found here

Q: Which mailing address is provided for me?

A: Each registered user has 2 email addresses:

Further information can be found here

Q: Who can I ask if I still have a question?

A: The best thing to do is to send a email to , if you are able to read this you should be able to send mails too.