Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel


Step-by-step instruction Rommelnet

1. complete the application

When you move in you get the application from the caretaker. Alternatively you can get one from your useradmin or on this webpage. Make out the form completely and put it in the letterbox of your useradmin. A list of all user admins can be found on the noticeboard in your house or on this webpage. As soon as you receive the credentials for your useraccount you should transfer the term fee of 15€ to our bank account using the correct purpose of transfer. You can find the required information for this here after logging in.

2. wait for the processing of your data to finish

All the useradmins and admins work unsalaried and voluntary. Therefor you have to understand that it might take a while. Normally it should be done within one day, then you’ll find your logindata and instructions in your letterbox.

3. connect and configure your computer

If you don’t own a ethernetcable you can purchase one of ours for 1,50€. The useradmins should have some spares. If you have the needed ethernetcable and connected your computer you can connect it by using this manual.

It still doesn’t work!

Before you speak to your useradmin, check this homepage. In the FAQ you’ll find a lot of stuff that might safe you and the useradmin-team some time. Further help can be requested via mail: or a visit to your useradmin. Please consider that useradmins are just “normal” students too and need their sleep. ;)

When do I have to pay again?

The termpay for the Rommelnet needs to be payed at the beginning of every semester. So please pay every april and oktober. If you don’t pay we unfortunately will have to ban your useraccount on the 1st of May / November. Transfer the term fee of 15€ to our bank account and use the correct purpose of transfer. You will find all required information here after logging in.

On our own behalf:

Obviously we’re always searching for new committed volunteers for the network-team. Just get in touch with us. Your participation is welcome!

A good thing to know!

There is a limit on your traffic-usage! It is 20 GiB per day, but you can collect up to 200 GiB, if you need less. Further information and your current traffic-balance can be found on this homepage (after login) and in the FAQ.