Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel

Bicycle Repair Room

Who doesn’t know the following problem: you want to go to the city, but your bicycle doesn’t work…
If you want to fix up your bike, you can go to the Bicycle Repair Room of our dorm. It is located adjacent to the white house, facing the forest.

You can find the most important tools (e.g. spanners, pliers, hammer, screw drivers and spare parts for free). If you want to carry out a more complex repair, there’s a cabinet with high quality special tools. In order to obtain the key, you have to leave 20 € as security deposit.

Please note: Only members of ROMMELWOOD e.V. have access to the Bicycle Repair Room. Further info here.

You can get the key at normal times from the following people:

Please tidy up the Bicycle Repair Room before you leave it!

We are always on the lookout for new additions to our team. If you want to join us, please contact:
You can also use this address for questions, suggestions, etc.
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