Here you get all the information to create an account: Info page joining the Association/get an account

Becoming a member

**Being a member of Rommelwood e.V. has many advantages!
We’re glad you want to be a part of the Rommel’s community life and thank you for your support!

If you have just moved in, we have lots of useful tips & instructions for you on our newcomer page.

If you are not quite sure yet whether you want to belong to this elite circle of club members, we have summarized all the important advantages of joining a club for you on our club page.

How to join us…

1. Get the membership form

When you move in, the janitor will give you our brochure. The last page of it is a membership application form.

You can also download the form yourself.

Download membership application form (click here)

2. Fill in the membership application form

Fill in the form truthfully and sign it. We promise to handle your personal data with care (click here for our privacy policy).

3. Post the membership form

Drop the completed form into the network teams mailbox in the gray house (house no. 55a).

4. First login & account setup

A few days after you post the form, there will be a piece of paper in your mailbox containing the login information for your account on this website. Log in with it, change your password and also check if the forwarding email is correctly entered (otherwise you won’t receive our lovely and extremely informative emails).

From now on you can also use your Rommelwood email (more info here).

You put your form in a week ago and haven’t heard from us since? Please contact .

5. Paying the membership fee

In your profile on this website you can also see the membership fee to be transferred and instructions. Please pay your membership fee on time. It is an investment in the future of community life. For all the activities, services and teams, the association needs some support. The budget is decided critically and democratically (more info on the association structure here).

6. Join teams & groups

If you look around here on this website and also in the dormitory, you will notice that there are several dedicated teams living and working here. If you are interested in one of them, please write an email (usually <teamname> or talk to one of the members. If you don’t find a connection, the board () will be happy to refer you.

By default you are a member of the group news (see account –> groups) when you join the club. This way you will regularly receive the informative and entertaining newsletter of our editorial office. If you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter, you only have to leave the group. You may be shown other groups. You are free to join or leave groups as you wish.