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This page is only valid for inhabitants of the old houses. In the new houses, there is a different washing machine system which is operated by an external company.
Details on how to use it can be found here

House 55


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House 51


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How it works:

In order to use the cardwash system by the assembly, you have to live in one of the "old" houses (house numbers 51, 53, 55, 57, 59). For the "new" houses there is another washing system by an external company. You don't have to register you FAU-Card in our system in order to use their system.
Register your FAU-Card
You can register your FAU-Card yourself. You have to be logged in to insert your FAU-CardID at the self registration page.
If you want to withdraw your credits, unregister your card or if you don't have a FAU-Card (yet) and want a cardwash card or if you experience any problems you can write us an email:
Put your money in an envelope, write your name and your room number on it and drop it in the letterbox in the yellow washing room.
There are washing machines and dryers in the red and in the yellow house.