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Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel

Rommel Cinema

Our Rommel-Cinema is in the television room in the red house. Every week or every other week the cinema team presents a film there. An HD beamer, a movie screen and a sound system in this room create a suitably cinematic atmosphere. Furthermore you get fresh popcorn.

The cinema team decides at the beginning of the semester which films will be shown.

The Cinema Team

The cinema team consists of students who live in our dorm. If you want to join the team, you can ask the members of the team:

Four Reasons to go in the Rommel-Cinema

Information about the Cinema Program

The films which will be shown in the next weeks are announced at…

…the homepage of the Rommel-Cinema
…the instagram and facebook posts

Please notice:
Rommel-Cinema takes places on Tuesday or Wednesday. Admission is free, but for legal reasons only for residents of the dorm. Please make a donation of 1 € per person. We need the money for the technical devices (like beamer, etc.)!

the cinema interior with its comfy chairs