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Garden team

The garden team was founded in the winter semester 18/19 in the dormitory and, like other teams, deals with the well-being of the residents. Be it by allowing you to dig around in the earth, decorate Christmas trees or allow you to barbecue.
To keep you from getting bored, first things first:

Grill rental:

Attentive dormitory residents have certainly already noticed the two new barbecue areas. In consultation with the Studentenwerk, renting will probably be possible from the beginning of July. Then hopefully the barbecue season can also begin in the dormitory.
The grills are only rented to Rommelwood e.V. members at the e-mail address ().


In consultation with the Studentenwerk, a garden has been laid out on the dormitory grounds (behind the Green House). The plants are thriving excellently and nothing stands in the way of the association’s self-sufficiency. If you would also like to help or if you love to give plants more attention than your studies, please visit one of the next sessions or write to (). The dates for the meetings will be announced early on
Soon there will be many, many more infos to follow and you can find beautiful pictures.


Free For All

Some herbs and other fruits of the garden are free for all. The raised bed on the right side is free for self service:

The Rommelwood e.V. Christmas tree:

Everyone has one at home for Christmas. So why not the Rommelwood e. V. , too? We already put up our first Christmas tree in 2018. Since the idea of looking for the highest Christmas tree in Erlangen and the surrounding area every year seems annoying to us, we will hopefully plant our own tree soon.
This will then be, of course, like the first time, decorated with homemade decoration. The date for tinkering in the bar will be announced early again.

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