Network Team

You can find Instructions for you device here.

Many questions are already answered in the FAQs.

The network team are voluntaries that like to play with technology.
We’re running the network infrastructure, servers with several services and the cardwash system.

We share the work amoung admins and user advisors.

User advisors (“Benutzerberater”):

User advisors take care of the residents: They help you configuring your devices and they collect the contribution for using the network every term.

If your house’s user advisor is not available, you can of course contact someone else.
Additionally there is a consultation-hour every Thursday from 20:00 to 20:30 in the room of the network team in the back of the house 57a.
Please bring your problem device (e.g. laptop or router) if possible and be punctual.

You can contact the user admins (and also the admins) by mail:

Do you want to be an user advisor? Then visit us at our network team meeting (Wednesday at 20:15, Room of the Network Team at the back of house 57a) or drop us a mail.


Admins take care of the infrastructure.

If there is an issue only concerning the admins, you can contact us by If you want to encrypt your message, click here.

Do you want to be part of the network team? Come over! We are meeting every Wednesday at 20:15 in the network team room (at the rear of house 57a).