Here you get all the information to create an account: Info page joining the Association/get an account

Rommel Mail

Every user will automatically get the email adress . In you account settings you can add an additional mail address that contains your firstname, lastname or username like .

Those will receive information about the dormitory and from the ‘Netzteam’.
So check them frequently to get all information!
You can also use them to write mails.

Receiving and sending emails

There are three possibilities to send and get emails:

Sending and receiving emalis with an email client

If you want to use an email client like Thunderbird, kmail, Evolution, Outlook or other, use the following settings:

Receiving via IMAP Receiving via POP3 Sending via SMTP
Port: 143 993 110 995 587
Server requires authentication: yes yes yes yes yes
SPA (only relevant for microsoft): no no no no no
If you don't know what settings to use, we recommend these: Receiving via IMAP (Port: 993) and Sending via SMTP.

Your login data is the same as those You use on the website (Username: your nickname).

Forwarding emails

If you like to forward your Rommel-emails to an existing adress, follow those steps:

Please make sure that your forwarding address is valid, so you get all information.