Important notes about anti-corona-measures in the Rommel

State of emergency in the Rommel

Due to the current pandemic, which caused our government to declare an emergency, Rommelwood e.V. and the home management are also taking measures to protect the residents. This may represent deprivation of many kinds, whether it’s lunch in the cafeteria or a board game evening.
Please don’t despair and keep calm! Our sanity brought us to university and that is exactly what will lead us out of this crisis. If we follow the recommendations of the medical experts, we will avert worse things and can certainly prevent the virus from spreading all over the country.
Please do not ignore the warnings and take care of yourself, your neighbors and roommates.

Lockdown of the Bavarian State Government

Beginning on Sat. 21.03.2020 there is an outgoing restriction in Bavaria, that means you are only allowed to leave your home for good reason. This would be e.g. professional activity, doctor's visit, shopping or sports and exercise in the fresh air, but without any other group formation.

You can find the original document here. [1] (if the page is down you find a copy on the german newspage Focus Online [2] )

A collection of all important information for Germany in general can be found on the website (in english) of the Federal Foreign Office. [1]

General measures

Cancellation of the caretaker's office hours

The caretaker's office hour will not take place until further notice. Please call them during their office hours on working day between 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Their phone numbers are here.

Closing of the common areas

All common rooms and study rooms are temporarily closed to prevent meetings.

Closing the bar

The dorm bar is temporarily closed to prevent meetings.

Measures related to internet supply

Cancellation of the consultation hours

The consultation hours for problems with the Internet connection will no longer take place until further notice. If you need help please see the instructions on the website of the network team.

Cancellation of the Network team meetings

The Network team meeting will no longer take place as presence event. For participation in a possible online session, observe the note on the website of the network team.

Suspension of the traffic limit

The network team has decided to lift the limit on Internet traffic for the duration of the emergency. This means that you will no longer be throttled regardless of your download volume. The network team is confident that you will not use this to open an file sharing server and wishes you good entertainment.

Measures of the board

Rescheduling of the termpay

Please do not throw any money into the mailboxes of the user advisors for the moment. If you are moving in, throw your application form without the money into a user advisors mailbox (list of user advisors see staircases of every house). With this we want to save you from having to go to the cash dispenser and we want to protect our user advisors as well.

During this crisis we will not block access to the internet for anybody because of an unpaid fee! The board of directors will inform you in the middle of the semester about how the fee is paid this semester.

If you just moved in, please throw the application form (for the club and the internet) in the post box of a user advisor (list of user advisors) without the money.

Please support

If you have an idea how we can prepare ourselves better or how we can relax (in) this situation and make it a bit more bearable for everyone, write to the Board . We are happy to support the organization of online parties and gaming sessions.

Do not participate in parties / meetings

Please don't be reckless and put yourself and others in danger by attending wild parties or even medium-sized gatherings these days. Reduce your social "on-site" contacts as far as possible.

Measures of the housing managers (Heimleitung)

Cancellation of the dorm managers consultation hour (Heimleitersprechstunde)

The consultation hour of the dorm manger(s) will no longer take place until further notice. If you need help please write an email to the dorm managers (Heimleitung).

Notes of the Studentenwerk

No on-site service for housing service

The office of the WohnService of the Studentenwerk remains closed for "customer traffic". Please contact them by phone or e-mail.

Unused water pipes pose health risks

The Studentenwerk points out that pathogens can accumulate in water pipes that have not been used for some time. It recommends the following:

"... flush the drinking water installations of the affected buildings regularly and extensively / intensively at least every 72 hours. Please make sure that this is organised! ..."

Don’t lose your head! We’ll get through this together!
Florian Fischer
2nd Board of the Rommelwood e.V.